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FAQ about Service offices

What about the contract?
What’s the advantage of KUBE WORKPLACE service office in cost effective?
Can I choose my own configuration of Private Rooms?
What should I do when I want to change the request of the workplace?
Do I need to supply my own furniture and equipment?
Do you have professional staffs available?
When can I move in?

FAQ about virtual office

What is a virtual office?
Why a virtual office?
Will a virtual office work for my home / small business?
Will a KUBE WORKPLACE virtual office work for my medium or large business?
How does virtual office mail forwarding work?
How does virtual office call forwarding work?
With a KUBE WORKPLACE virtual can I use a real office?
Are offices available to me as KUBE WORKPLACE virtual office client?
What additional services are available to a virtual office customer?

FAQ about Meeting Rooms

Why book a KUBE WORKPLACE meeting room?
What is included in a KUBE WORKPLACE meeting room?
Is catering available for my meeting room?
Why Kube Service

A wide variety of service offices, from a one-person desk space, furnished executive suites to entire floors configured to your needs.

Conveniently located in downtown Shanghai, close to public transportation and cultural amenities.

Work in a comfortable and relaxed environment, save costs and have all your professional needs taken care of.